Friday, December 28, 2012

Boothe's Nursery

a year later, here's pictures of Boothe's room!  There are actually pictures in the picture frames now, but if i wait to take pictures of those to post, then it will likely be another year! ;)  I love how it turned out!!  I'm a horrible photographer though, so I'm afraid these pictures don't really do the room justice.  At least you'll get somewhat of an idea, & I'll have some record of it!

walking in from the hallway (ignore the shadow...i told you i'm bad!;))
a wider view

the front wall...see more about the couch here

the wall to the left...again, i wish i was a better photographer-this isn't a great pic.  The frames are now filled of sweet pictures of boothe & our family (I am extremely blessed to have 2 great friends that are AWESOME photographers!) The print that is in the middle of the empty frames belonged to one of matt's grandfathers.

i know this is blurry (i just cropped from the above pic), but i wanted you to have a close up of the prints above his bed.  The one of the left has an image of the globe with Africa in the middle & says, "compassion for the Earth & all who inhabit it."  LOVE!! My mom found it, & it could not be more perfect! Maybe i'll get a round to taking an actual detail picture of them, so you can get the full effect. ;)

sorry...another bad picture...but here's a detail of the bedding.  I fell in love with the tie die fabric about the time we got on the wait list. I finally decided i could make it work for either boy, girl, or gender neutral so bought several yards & waited for probably close to a year before doing anything with it! My sister's mother-in-law graciously made the bumper pad, sheets, & skirt for me.

the wall opposite of the bed.  searched long & hard for this dresser, but sooo glad i did! one of my favorite pieces of the room!  i think i already touched on the shells in another post, but had that & the stars early on in the process too.  The stars are a nod to the Ethiopian flag.  The ball in the tray & the small yarn animal (a camel) by the vase are also from ET.

another angle from the opposite corner of the can get a better sense of the star placement.  pretend the extra clutter on the dresser isn't there :)

the back wall (taken at a different time, so there are different sheets on the bed incase you are wondering!) The yarn banner above the closet (& the one with his name above the mirror) were from a shower that my friends threw.  I loved seeing all the pictures all together that i insisted on keeping them!  The top clock is Ethiopian time & the bottom our time.  Remember that jacket?  Boothe has gotten some wear out of it, but i just leave it up as decor.  Sure glad I spent that $5! ;) The giraffe stacking stools were a fun find from ET!!  I wish i had a better picture of the rugs in front of the crib :(

a close up...i just love 'em & hope they'll be a family "heirloom" of sorts 

a gift from one of the other "Southern 6" mommas...the saying is beyond truth & a fun momento of God's grace & provision

a neat tip that i thought of & happy to pass along...use wall mounted magazine holders books! Boothe loves digging for them, & it works especially well for people like me who may not have the room for a shelf.  (go ahead & pretend like there are labels in the slot & that Boothe doesn't pull the bows out of the bumper works wonders for me!!;))

just for fun, my handsome little man :)

I hope to be back soon with an update of our little family since we've been together just over a year now! I'd also like to say that I'm going to catch up on here with his birthday, holidays, "gotcha" day, etc., but i still need to blog about his homecoming so that's probably not likely! can dream they'll eventually be on top of things again ;)

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  1. You did an amazing job on the nursery! I love it! And your little man...he is absolutely precious! Such a blessing.