Monday, October 18, 2010

October Numbers

The courts are now open & as predicted, we saw a big jump in our numbers this month! We are THRILLED to say the least! :) (did i explain last time that the Ethiopian courts are closed for rainy season in Aug. & Sept.? part of doing business with at 3rd world country. can't explain it, but there's something about that fact that i puts me in my place in my fast paced life.) Anyway, to the point:

29 for boys
46 for girls

Matt & I both agreed that there's something extra special about actually being in the 20s on one of the lists. Our agency said that once you reach the 10s (i know there's really no such thing but you get me) a referral can come any time, so to be in the 20s feels close! Now, to be fair, the boys list has moved a lot slower than the girls (11 spots to the 23 spots for the girls in the last 5 months.) We will probably sit in this 20s spot for a while...I even have a feeling that the girls list will catch up to the boys in these next few months. So exciting!!

A fun fact that another adopting dad put on twitter the other day is that Gladney (the agency most people in this area use) is now referring to NWA as "little Ethiopia." They're counting 57 of their [gladney] families in the area that either have an Ethiopian child or are waiting on theirs. Of course, we'd make 58, & I'm sure there are a few more of us [non-gladney] families not being counted. I can't tell you how thankful we are about this. We are over-joyed that the Lord brought us to Ethiopia knowing that there would be a loving community for our family to turn to for support. This group is amazing! I'm grateful to the moms who have opened up their homes & scheduled play groups for us to connect. I'm inspired every time I go - inspired by the beauty in the kids (both adopted & birthed) & the spirits of the moms.

Last, I wanted to post a couple of pictures. (i have big thoughts of doing all kinds of posts with pics to liven things up but just never make it around to it. for example, i really want to do a post showing pics of my beautiful nieces! one of these days :)

to put in the nursery. got at Lewis Lighting in Benton (at a bit of a deal unbeknownst to me. :) LOVE.

found at a thrift sore while shopping for a client. honestly, i feel like the pic doesn't do it justice. it's reversible. 3/4 length sleeves. & $5! i obviously have no idea if i'll even need it, but i have 10 friends giving birth from now to april. i figure surely it will work for one of us! & again it was $5. :)