Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April Numbers

We got our April Numbers last night!! We're...

#11 on the girls list
#5 on the BOY list

We are getting so close to a referral! & I do believe we just might end up with a BOY! :)

Not much time, but just wanted to update on the news! Please join us in thanking our Saviour for this movement!

How 'bout we celebrate with a little Single Ladies? :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Feeling a Little Lonely

Ok, first of all, I am cracking up. I've found that there are some more readers that I didn't know about...I don't know how you all find me {because I've purposely haven't really "announced" that I even have a blog,} but I'm glad you did! :) Also, I'm laughing at myself as I look at my poor side bar with the blog roll. I can promise you that I check in on more than just those! The ones listed are from when Matt first designed the blog, & I'm sure they are the only ones he knew to put there. I want to update with it more blogs but don't really know how. I'm sure I could figure it out relatively easy- it just takes me so darn long to actually write a post that I keep thinking, "i'll get matt to do that later." :)

In comes the loneliness & the "later"... Matt is a CPA tax accountant, so isn't home much these days. By this time most busy seasons, I've gotten used to being home alone & start to kinda like it...you know, watching the things on tv that i want to, doing projects & reading, eating dinner with girlfriends, etc. Apparently, I didn't plan very well this year. I am coming off of a fun-filled month of seeing friends & family, so now I'm a little sad that I'm back to being by myself. {Let's not forget to mention that I have a child weighing heavily on my heart that I have no idea when I'll get to bring home. :( } Before you get to feeling too sorry for me, let's also remind ourselves that Matt's actually the one doing the work! {Is it sad that I have to constantly put that thought in my head?! :)}

I want to share some of the fun I had last month with you all.

The first week of March, I tagged along with a friend's little sister {Katie, who has also become a friend in her own right :)} to go visit Jessica & her family in Norman, OK. This is one of my nearest & dearest. I don't get to see her near enough, so to say the least, I had a GREAT time! Jess & I got out on our own for a bit, & she took me to the neatest little boutique where I found this:
It's a new line of purses & bags from Fossil, & I'm going to use it for a baby bag!!! {Jessica, who is about to be the mother of 3 in a few short weeks, graciously helped me think through & confirm that it would work.}

Next stop in my March travels was home to Benton for 5 days. I had been trying to get home since February to see everyone & celebrate my birthday, so it was long overdue!! First stop, surprising these chicas from MDO & making a Sonic run.
These are my darling nieces! {I am sure my sisters are going to kill me because this picture doesn't show half their cuteness!} Anyway, I spent most of the time seeing family, saw a few friends {had to meet one's brand new baby!}, & snuck in a day at the races with my dad!

I brought my mom back to Fayetteville with me for her spring break. We had lots of fun running around looking for nursery things. We found some fabrics that are options for a crib skirt, fabric for curtains {on sale!!}, & a paint color for the walls. There are some things you just need your mom for, & these are some of them!

Heather {my oldest sister} came up for the weekend to hang out, work on taxes, & take Mom home. For those of you who don't know, Heather has twin girls, Grace Amelia & Olivia Lauren, who are 5. Let me just say that I was very entertained the whole weekend! There were modeling shows as the girls tried on outfits while we were shopping {seriously, they would walk a "runway," pose at the end, & my mom would pretend to take a picture of them!} Then, there was the "play" Olivia wrote & directed & the singing concerts the girls gave. Matt took some video from his phone of the girls singing:

This one is a little dark at first, but their passion is precious, I had to share!

We turned on the lamp! :) Also, please note the balloon art...Aunt Millie decided they needed a treat after shopping! ;)

There's a video of them singing & dancing to the 'All the Single Ladies' {the Chipette (sp?) version} that was too big for Matt to email me. He said he could put it on YouTube to upload, so maybe next time because honestly it's the best!

I'm also sad because THIS one turned 3!!! She is Blaire, & I had to miss her party! :( {I know the pic is super pixilated. I stole it off of Lauren's facebook page. Isn't she the cutest?! Had to use it regardless of the quality!} Is it obvious that none of my nieces lack for confidence? ;)

Hope to be back soon with new numbers for April!!