Thursday, September 23, 2010

September Numbers

Well, I know I never posted in August (I've been swamped with work, which I won't complain about :)...but, honestly, when I found out our new numbers I was glad. They will look better now (aka: we hardly moved.) So, drum roll please:

34 for boys
55 for girls

Really, we are okay with whatever movement we see. There are lots of complicated factors that go into it all, & I don't pretend to understand them. Most importantly, we trust that the Lord's provision is over it all, so the numbers really don't even matter. We will get Baby Baxter whenever he or she is ready for us. :)

Our case manager also told us that our dossier (collection of all the paperwork) has been sent to Ethiopia. This really doesn't mean a whole lot, just another step down in the process.

Other fun news: I fell in love with a fabric that I saw back in July from a fabric store in Little Rock. It's a little pricier than what I would have liked, but I wanted to do a boxed type of baby bumper anyway & think my mom & I have figured out a way to use it economically. I had been going back & forth with all these ideas about decorating the nursery for a while (basically since June when we got on the wait list & I allowed myself to start thinking about it. :) Well, week before last, I bit the bullet. The fabric store was having a store-wide sale, so after some brainstorming with Pam, I bought what I needed for the bumper. I'm pretty sure my mom is scared to death as I will be piecemealing the rest, but again, I have LOTS of ideas! :) FYI, I have decided to decorate the nursery gender neutral. Because I don't want to count on any referrals as definite until we pass court, I'm basically looking at 4-6 weeks to get everything that is needed for Baby Baxter...and that's in between 2 trips to Africa, so you can see where my dilemma is in all of this. (To interpret some adoption lingo, the baby we are matched with, or referred, only becomes 100% ours after we "pass" court. That is where the birth family gives up their legal rights & a judge signs guardianship over to Matt & I. This will occur during our first trip over.)

Since it's now almost the end of the month, hopefully I'll be posting some new numbers again soon!