Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm Back

Well, I'm back for another post. After getting busy with work & holidays...& thinking that no one really knows about/reads our blog, I'm now taking advantage of the snow (all 17" of it!)

A few reasons for coming back: 1) a few people have mentioned that they actually check it. {Hi, especially to Julie- Matt & I miss running into you guys on the SEC circuit!} 2) I do think it's important to record our movement. I know that each month the growth is Purposeful, & it's my hope that one day we can look back with our child & God will kindly allow us to see the story being unfolded on both sides of the globe.

So, on to the numbers...

In Nov, we had another HUGE jump.
18 for boys
37 for girls
In fact, we got spoiled & a little big for our britches, thinking it was confirmation we would get our referral by March as we were hoping.

In Dec, back to reality.
18 for boys (that's right, no movement)
32 for girls
To be honest, it was a hard Christmas. It was hard to swallow that there wasn't at least ONE boy referral that went out that month. Plus, the closer we get to March {the month we- or at least me :)- were holding out hopes to get our referral,} the more "we" have had to swallow that that's more than likely NOT the case. I know I keep saying it; I honestly do mean it with ALL of my heart, mind, & soul, the timing is His is Good, Perfect, Purposeful, & I truly believe it makes us the happiest...even in these moments. But, I cannot describe the loneliness there is while you wait. With that said, the Lord sweetly reminded me of the birth mom in this Christmas month. While I may be facing some hardships these few months, this courageous woman will know a lifetime of loneliness, wondering, & longing. Perspective is always helpful!

In Jan, back to the normal.
15 for boys
27 for girls

Feb. Again not much movement.
15 for boys
25 for girls

Now that you're all caught up, the big question in our household is: Will the girls catch up with the boys??

Speaking of girls, there's been lots of questions about hair! The Lord & I have had our own talks on this subject too. :) It's one of the biggest barriers between our cultures, & thinking about it, can make me nervous about being a mom to the little Ethiopian cutie! Boy or girl, there will be lots of new things to learn. Therefore, I'm posting a link once again to the We Love our Lucy blog. Kristi did a whole post on tips & products she uses on her little girls & has asked others to leave comments with their own suggestions. I know I'll need this resource later. Plus, I thought that it may help answer some questions of friends & family who are just as curious (& clueless) as me! :)