Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy to be Waiting...Who knew?

Well, upon getting on the coveted waitlist, we are starting a blog. Several friends have asked me to start one to keep them up to date on what's going on with our adoption, and my sweet husband knew i would never take the time to sit down & make one had already made one for me. :) With that said, I'm also going to add a caveat for the music selections that i didn't pick...(I'm actually typing while it's on mute, but I think Matt is trying to send me subliminal messages. :)

After much waiting on my second set of FBI fingerprints results & much calling to check on the progress of those prints (like 2x a week,) our dossier has FINALLY been approved! We are officially on AGCI's Waitlist!! Although there is just one big list, they assign you different numbers based on gender & siblings. So, we get 2 different numbers as we are open to both a boy or a girl.




(humor me with the clip art people...i am new to the blog world & don't know where to go for things like this! ;)

Although, it seems like there is a big gap, our case manager was quick to assure us that the wait time is equal for both boy or girl (8-10 months before a referral) & that it would still be a "toss up" as to which gender we would actually get.

For anyone who knows me well, they know patience is not my strong point, and to say that i am ecstatic to wait sounds unbelievable even to me. But it's SO true! Not only am i excited to know that i'm done with all the confusing & time-consuming paperwork, but I now am letting myself move on to what I really love...decorating the nursery!!! I have lots of little ideas floating around in my head, and of course, the planner in me is hugely struggling on how to put together a gender specific room when we'll really only have about 6 weeks from the time we will know for sure who are baby is till the time we bring him/her home! Oh, the things the Lord is going to teach me through this waiting!! :)