Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Numbers

We got our July waitlist numbers last week... I don't know why my clip art from the last post isn't showing up anymore. I guess that's what i get for trying to be fancy. :) We moved up 5 slots on the girl list to 64 & 3 slots on the boy's to 37. We have no idea if this is a normal range to jump or hasn't even been 3 weeks. We are hopeful that we will see even bigger movement when it's actually a full 4 weeks but who knows! We'll take what we can get & have faith in the Lord's timing.

I have no idea if anybody will ever read these posts or not, but I wanted to post this link if only for myself to remember when it comes our time to travel to Ethiopia & meet/pick-up our baby. I don't think that i'll be able to "prep" myself enough for what we will see & feel. I can only imagine that it will be nice to have someone else's thoughts to help me process that part of the journey. Without further ado, meet Andrea of Babe of My Heart & her thoughts.

In case you are wondering, I came to Andrea's blog by way of Kristi who I regularly stock at We Love Our Lucy Lane. Both of them have adopted through the same agency we are using. I would encourage anyone who is interested to visit Kristi's blog. She is a great advocate for the orphan...especially Ethiopian ones. :) She often posts pictures of her adopted daughter & adopting friends with their kids. I would love for you to look & see one of the reasons why we fell in love with these kiddos!