Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hello world.

Hi old friends, if there are actually any of you left in my little blogging world. ; )  I've been meaning to get back here for a while, but I just can't seem to make it a priority these days.  However, Ethiopia has been on my mind a lot these past few weeks, & a little surprising to me, I'm sad I have no plans to go back in the near, near future.  To help fill the void, I thought I would celebrate our mile markers that we have in June by posting pictures from our first trip to meet our little man - Boothe has been home 6 months as of the 15th & the 23rd was the anniversary of our referral & seeing his sweet face for the first time.

P.S. a few quick updates from the last post: all 6 babies stuck in our political mess did come home by Christmas.  Three of them actually came home on Christmas Eve! : ) You all will never know how much your prayers are appreciated still to this day.

also, as I was typing Boothe's name, I remembered a post I did talking about the debate Matt & I were having over it... we landed on the 4 name option... Boothe Tegegn Russell Baxter, & we love it!! We even sing it to him using the tune of John Jacob Jinglehiemersmit (sp?) : ) Boothe is Matt's grandfather's & great grandfather's middle name.  He has always wanted to use it if we had a boy, & once I met his grandfather & saw how much he & Matt were alike, I knew we had to use it too.  Tegegn (pronounced Te-gain) is his name given to him at birth, so it was important to us to keep it as a prominent name.  It means God found [him,] which could not be more appropriate.  Russell came into play because it's my dad's name & seeing how this is the first "son" in his life with 3 daughters & almost 4 granddaughters, we thought it was time for him to have a namesake! ; )

On to the pictures...geesh, i'm wordy...this is why i never post! : )

 he was asleep when we got to go in to see him

 just opened his eyes

 oh, hey there momma

look, there's dada 

 first family pic

already thinks dada is SO funny:) 

these ladies will never know how much they mean to me 

 soaking in our last time together after finding out our case was on hold

saying good-bye...still brings tears... 

the families that we shared our week with - the baby girls in the middle on the back & front rows were also on hold with us...they were 2 of the babies that came home on Christmas Eve:)

LOVE, LOVE my little man...LONGING for a perfect world...